Welcome to the still developing web site for Mathematics at St. John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT). For now, look for the specific math course page on the “Courses” page accessible from the menu at the top navigation bar, or go to the old eMath site under “Links” in the right sidebar. Download, comment, ask questions, share other links and resources.

At SJUT, our goal is to produce independent, critical thinkers, who are equipped for life-long learning and committed to lives of service. This means that students should constantly seek materials for reference and for enhancing their understanding. The Internet has made finding and acquiring valuable resources easier, especially in Mathematics, for which there is an ever-increasing wealth of freely accessible, high-quality materials available.

For example, visit https://files.nyu.edu/jmg336/public/html/mathematics.html, where Jean-Marc Gulliet has posted a list of “Free Online Textbooks, Lecture Notes, Tutorials, and Videos on Mathematics.” Or just search for specific mathematics topics using your favorite search engine or through references listed in Wikipedia articles.

Also visit http://www.aimath.org/textbooks/textbooklist.html, the American Institute of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative list of board-approved electronic textbooks.