This is the online presence for the St. John’s University of Tanzania Mathematics Department. It started as a way to make electronic materials available to students and provide some minimal interaction. SJUT eMath is entering a second phase, with the addition of some Learning Management System capabilities.

Each Mathematics Department course has a page, which will have course-specific materials along with some general references on the topic for advanced reading.

Individual course pages are accessible through a drop-down menu list at the the top of the page or in the page list along the right-hand side of the each page. To make it more useful to those not in a class, the course pages will be supplemented with topic pages. Both course and topic pages lean heavily on materials already out there on the Internet, so think of this as something of a portal to Math on the web, with the portal focus on things that will help SJUT students.

More on the structure here.

Comments and suggestions welcome!