In advance of our Friday session, please work on the following problem. There are multiple ways to approach the problem:

  • By hand (not recommended)
  • With a spreadsheet (recommended)
    • Remember that in both MS Excel and OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc there are tools for doing ANOVA
      • Excel: Data>Data Analysis
      • Calc: Data>Statistics
    • Sometimes the ANOVA function in Calc gives an error. If so, then in the cell where “Total” is calculated replace the absolute referencing by columns with a block that represents all the data. For example if the function is =DEVSQ($B$2:$B$6,$C$2:$C$6,$D$2:$D$6,$E$2:$E$6) replace it with =DEVSQ(B2:E6)
  • Using an online ANOVA calculator. These all work

You should be able to take this from data to ANOVA to Tukey HSD (if ANOVA gives  you the green light)

Here is the data

575	565	600	725
542	593	651	700
530	590	610	715
539	579	637	685
570	610	629	710

Where the columns represent different levels of the factor Power and the rows are the samples for each power level.