The link below will allow you to download or run a set of Excel macros designed to process raw coursework marks to conform them to the University template for 2013/2014 Semester 2. The conformation process includes separating out marks for students not registered in the template and for a few other common problems.

This software is in active development, so please download the latest copy immediately before processing results. For example, this version has course codes up through last semester, so it may be missing any renamed or new courses.

This version does merge multiple sets of results, contained in either multiple files, on multiple sheets in one file or multiple sections on a single sheet.

Note: While this software has subjected to testing and is considered reliable, the user should scan through the final results file to check that things like the course code, faculty , etc. are correct. A most important check is that the marks are OUT OF 100. The software defaults to “out of 100” so be sure to select the “out of 50” option before processing, if necessary.

Please direct any comments, questions or suggestions to either Mr. Salaman or Dr. Ham. An easy way to do that is by replying to this post on this website.