This course equips students with basic concepts of elementary probability and statistics and their application. The primary focus is probability and its relationship with statistics. The follow-in course MAT212 Mathematical Statistics focuses entirely upon statistics.


  • Statistics: Descriptive and inferential statistics, data representation and graphing, measures of central tendency and variability, univariate and bivariate data
  • Probability: Definition, laws of probability, discrete and continuous probability, conditional probability, independent events, mutually exclusive events
  • Probability Distributions: Distributions and densities, Binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, Normal distribution, Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorem, expected value, variance, generating functions, Markov Chains and random walks
  • Sampling: Definition, Sampling distribution of the mean and proportions, confidence intervals, Hypothesis testing, t-distribution
  • Regression and Correlation: Meaning and use of regression and correlation, linear regression, correlation coefficient

Delivery: 30 lectures, 15 tutorials

Assessment: Course Work: 50% Final Exam: 50%.


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