SJUT eMath is intended to be both a reliable resource on various topics in mathematics and a framework for running individual classes. The structure arises out of a desire to merge static and dynamic content. Roughly, it has the structure below:

eMath Layout

The main menu will have drop-downs for the topics, such as Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Analysis, and also for the different courses, such as MAT100 Foundations. Typically a course will have only one topic, but a topic may be covered in multiple courses, such as Linear Algebra being broken into MAT101 and MAT212.

Courses will have a static page, which may get updated from time to time, but it will reflect the University curriculum. Each time a course is run, it will have an associated Learning Management System (LMS) page, which will have specific assignments and give students access to their grades. It is likely there will be at least three years worth of LMS pages, so they remain in a cycle for the entire time a cohort is at SJUT.

This is a work-in-progress. Comments welcome. Changes expected.